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We strive to find and keep people that can provide only the highest quality products our customers deserve. We are diversified in our technical abilities, and always looking for people with experiences in the following disciplines:

Work in Facility Support


Architectural: Manufacturing Space, Office Space, Laboratories, Industrial Process, Indoor/Outdoor Propulsion Test Cells, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, Storage, Hangars, Interiors, Environmental Impact, Aesthetics, Functionality, Acoustics

Civil/Structural: Concrete and Masonry, Trenches, Steel Buildings, Potable Water Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fuel Supply/Storage Systems, Cranes (Hoisting Systems), Equipment Rooms

Mechanical: HVAC, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Blowers and Pumps, Mechanical Services, Piping Systems, Industrial Process Equipment, Registered PE

Electrical: Industrial Power Systems, Lighting, Data/Phone, UPS Systems, Security Systems, PA Systems/Communications

Design Drafting Checking: AutoCAD, Solidworks, Unigraphics, ASME Drawings, Design, Checking

Project and Construction Management: Requirements Coordination, Customer Interface, Vendor Interface, Estimating, Scheduling, Staff Management, Resource Management, Travel, Contractor Interface, Licensed

Work in Test Equipment Design

Test Equipment

Engine Types: Turboshaft, Turbojet, Turbo Fan, Liquid Propellant Rocket, Reciprocating, Hypersonic

Engine Mounting Equipment: Engine Test Equipment, Engines Intake Systems

Systems: Dyno, Water Brake & Torque Measurement, Starters, Lube, Tooling, Fuel, Instrumentation, Install & Removal of Test Articles, Trailers, Transport Equipment, Thrust Measurement, Auxiliary Power System, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Calibration

Analysis: Flow, Acoustic, Thermal, Structural, Vibration

Test Stand Types: Run Up Stands, Indoor, Outdoor, Hush, House, Out of Frame, Altitude, Component

Data Acquisition & Control: Data Acquisition Systems, Control Systems, Interfaces, Control Room Layout, Throttles, Programming

Engine Test: Test Cell Correlation, Test Operator, Test Engineer, Instrumentation Technician, Develop Test Procedures

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