Rocket Engine Test Stand

The engineering and design of complex rocket engine test stands and facilities is a unique capabilities of EDF Inc. Rocket engine testing requires specialized knowledge of hazardous cryogenic propellants, complex altitude enclosure and steam evacuation system, and the cooling of exhaust diffusers due to high rocket engine exhaust temperatures.

EDF Inc. provides full engineering, project and construction management services for rocket engine test stands and facilities, including:
Altitude enclosures and diffusers
Steam systems for evacuation, including boilers, ejectors, piping and controls
Cryogenic high presure piping
Thrust measuring systems
Electrical and high reponse controls
Engine control system, consisting of abort systems, sequencer, operator console, etc.
High speed data acquisition systems
Hydraulic systems
High pressure, high reponse valves
Special test equipment
Turbo pump testing
Transportation support equipment

The following topics were supported by EDF or its employees:

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