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Gas Turbine Engine Test Cells

EDF Inc. has been designing Gas Turbine Jet Engine Test Cells since 1978 and has completed well over 10,000 projects or tasks related to the testing of Gas Turbine Jet Engines.

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Rocket Engine Test Stands & Facilities

The engineering and design of complex Rocket Engine Test Stands is a unique capability of EDF Inc. Rocket engine testing involves hazardous cryogenic propellants such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, usually at very high pressures, which requires specialized knowledge by the engineering firm. Also, most upper stage rocket engines must be tested at altitude conditions, which requires a complex altitude enclosure and a steam evacuation system. The cooling of the exhaust diffuser is a major challenge due to the high rocket engine exhaust temperatures.

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Construction Management Services

EDF Inc. has the skilled personnel and the experience to design your Industrial or Commercial Building or Plant, including: Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical and all other necessary services.

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Control & Data Acquisition Systems

EDF Inc. has the capability to design and install state of the art data acquisition and control systems for your unique projects. We know that every controls project has a unique set of challenges, that's why each of our solutions are designed from the ground up using the products best suited for your particular project. We work closely with each of our customers to design the perfect system for your specific task, keeping our customers requirements, expectations, and budget in mind. This design mentality gives EDF a flexibility that other control system manufactures tend not to provide due to a single system approach.

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